Designed as a compact and economical solution for your curing needs, MDI CURING OVENS provide uniform temperature and balanced air throughout the oven;  using a combination of side & up air flow with adjustable louvers to recirculate the heated air on both sides of the oven.  The 4” tongue & groove, 20-gauge double-wall aluminized insulated panel maximizes heat retention; and its 24” modular design allows for a variety of depths to be accommodated, starting from 6ft to anything greater-meeting needs.  MDISpray Systems’ Equipment is designed to provide a safe and efficient environment for your operation.  Available in natural gas,or propane.

Standard temperature range is 300°F to 500°F.  Gas supply pressure from 1 PSIG to 5 PSIG.  Air Flow Switches and Interlocks.  The gas manifold features valving that meets fire insurance requirements.  Uni-Flow Air Distribution.

All MDI Spray Systems  Batch Ovens are built to NFPA-86 standards.   Built-in adjustable air flow tabs. Insulated with 4" of heavy duty mineral wool batt.  Oven support structure consists of 12-gauge formed steel with trouble-free bolt together assembly.  Most models are available with a Top or Rear Mount Heat Chamber.


With standard assembled or install-it-yourself ovens for preheating, drying and curing for applications up to 500°F (260°C)


Durability Provided from top of the line quality components such as aluminized steel, insulated-panel walls and roofs,  industrial grade fans and State-Of-The-Art Controls.


Energy-Efficient Direct-Fired Burners having a 20:1 turn down ratio.  Better oven balance, cleanliness and space usage from unique duct design


Dependable operation when installed, used and maintained properly.  Versatility provided by custom designs and sizes.

Oven equipped with:

·         Burner: Maxon Natural Gas type burner

·         Re-circulation Blower

·         Exhauster: Damper

·         Interior Construction: Energy saving highly efficient 4’ insulated panels,

                  20 gauge aluminized steel including duct work for

                  maximum resistance to heat cycling and rusting.

·         Exterior Construction: 20 gauge cold rolled steel with a high temperature

                  durable finish in Industrial Blue.

·         Temperature Controller is manually adjustable, indicating type.

·         High temperature controller with manual reset.

 All controls in a Nema 12 enclosure with motor, starters, buttons, and on/off indicating lights for all

primary functions. Control cabinet UL listed and all controls are UL or CSA listed.

NOTE: This unit is shipped un-assembled.

 Please be certain that clearance are allowed for ingress into building and area is large

enough to accommodate outside dimensions as described above. 

 All integral wiring ready for one (1) electrical service connection with disconnect switch.

All integral gas piping ready for one (1) connection with gas.

(Gas pressure regulator is not included).

·         One (1) exhaust blower air flow safety switch

·         One (1) circulating blower air flow safety switch

·         One (1) synchronous motor driven purge timer

·         One (1) high pressure gas safety switch

·         One (1) low pressure gas safety switch

·         One (1) main gas motorized modulating gas control valve with complete shut off capability

·         One (1) pilot gas solenoid valve

·         One (1) main gas bleed and block valve with atmospheric vent

·         One (1) pilot spark igniter

·         One (1) flame safety test controller to prove pilot prior to main burner turn on.

·         One (1) lot of exhaust duct as required.

Also Available Upon Request:

    - Mechanical Installation

    - Electrical Installation

    - Permit Processing

Ships by truck freight.  Forklift is required at site to unload equipment. You will be contacted with actual shipping & ADDITIONAL OPTIONS charges before your order is processed.

Download Our Industrial Gas Batch Ovens Catalog Here

Click Here To Request A Quote for Installation and/or Permit Processing

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Industrial Gas Batch Ovens

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