• TXL Series - Truck/RV/Boat Spray Booths

As a leading truck paint booth manufacturer, we understand the importance of having enough space to paint large trucks and other items. Other truck spray booth companies don't go the extra mile that we do to make sure with a larger sized booth you also have adequate ventilation and lighting. Available in drive through or drive in - back out designs. Platinum & Silver Series - Semi-Down Draft, Side-Down Draft, Full-Down Draft, Cross-Flow Draft

The TXL-2000 Series - Galaxy Convertible Semi-Down Draft Spray Booth is skillfully crafted, designed and manufactures for unique production shops.

This Unique booth design has full drive through rear and front facing access.

The booth is designed to easily from 60' ft long spray booth that accommodates large trucks, buses, RV's or limos into two 30' ft long full size spray booths, each complete with a heated individual spray cure systems.

MDI Spray Systems is dedicated to providing the most energy efficient and Eco-friendly paint spray booths in the industry. All Industrial Paint Spray Booths adhere to the Uniform Fire Code and the National Electrical Code.  Always check local fire and electrical codes for special conditions that may prevail in your area. We take pride in our relationships with our clients, our partners in the paint supply industry, automotive industry, as well as our strong relationships with city and county agencies. We guarantee your new spray booth will be manufactured and installed with the utmost integrity and with complete customer satisfaction! Call today for more information and a FREE estimate from one of our qualified spray booth technologists. There is no job too big or too small!


18-gauge steel panels.Bolt construction. Spray booth panels rest on heavy duty 14-gauge, galvanized floor angles.

Recirculating Heating Unit:

Fast heating start-up.  This system allows you to recycle heat to maintain a steady temperature while efficiently saving natural gas.

Motor & Fan

Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans with non-sparking blades. Motors are 3PH - 240v Heady Duty Motors, high efficiency exhaust belt drive & pulley system.

Additional Features:

Conveyor openings, Explosion-proof motors, Working depth extensions, Special width or height requirements, Special lighting arrangements.

Model shown is 40' Long

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TXL Series - Truck/RV/Boat Spray Booths

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