The MDI Paint Mixing Room Booths are an efficient and economical solution for your spray booth needs. Air is drawn through the filter plenum, located in the ceiling, and downward through the work area and into the exhaust chamber located at the other side of the room. The filtered air is then discharged through the exhaust stack. All hardware, filters and sealants needed for installation are included. The control panel and other electrical components may be purchased separately.

MDI Spray Systems Mixing Rooms are designed to comply with OSHA and local fire/safety regulation for proper use and ventilation to contain any possible spills,  mixing rooms must be installed on a minimum 4” high mounting curb.  Be sure to check with local authorities regarding codes. Study all instructions carefully and observe all safety precautions during operation.  subject to Fire Dept. approval pending quantity of paint stored and.or mixed.

Optional Equipment:

Windows 16” wide x 54” high frames with clear tempered glass are available on wall panels.  Please specify number of window panels desired when ordering.
Explosion proof fan and light switches.
Electric Safety Interlock System, which will automatically shut off the fan while the door remains open. Fan will start when door is closed.
4” high x 4” wide galvanized steel curb including approach ramps.

Intake Filters:

Intake filter, Type AIF
20” x 20” with built in reinforcement frames.


Motor is out if room.
Non-Sparking blase tube axial fan.
Exhaust is balanced to provide best ait flow.
Design minimizes solvent laden air from entering shop and shop air entering mix room.

Booth Construction:

18 gauge galvanized steel
Pre-punched holes on 6” centers
Easy nut and bolt assembly.


All Necessary hardware and caulking is including to assembly booth.

Side Access Door Including:

36’ X 80” WITH 24” X 36” Observation Window
Brixton latch P-2
Door handles

Additional Features Available:

MDI Spray Systems Mixing Rooms are constructed of 18 gauge rigidly reinforced companion flange galvanized panels and are ready for bolting to each other.  Each mix room has a personnel entrance access door measuring 3’ wide x 6’8” high which may be located on either side of the mix room.


Fluorescent light fixture(s), UL and C-UL approved
Designed for mounting outside the booth.
Set in framed clear tempered glass openings
Dust tight seals on windows and doors.

Light System:

Good Lighting is most necessary with all mix rooms:  Therefore MDI Spray Systems incorporates even light distribution with a 4 tube light fixture.   120 volts UL and C-UL approved vapor light is included.

Air Ventilation:

To remove vapors, a ventilating system creates a continuous flow of fresh air through the room.

Automatic Damper Closure

Fire Damper System, required by Dept. Codes, include a heat sensitive fusible link that melts in fire and closes the damper.

Four Spacious Sizes

Though, free standing and totally self-contained mixing rooms are built to provide years of service.  Ceiling are 8 ft. High.  Solid 18 gauge galvanized steel wall plates.

Also Available Upon Request:

    - Mechanical Installation

    - Electrical Installation

    - Permit Processing

Model shown is 6' Long

Ships by truck freight.  Forklift is required at site to unload equipment. You will be contacted with actual shipping & ADDITIONAL OPTIONS charges before your order is processed.

Download Our Mixing Room Specs And More Options Catalog Here

Click Here To Request A Quote for Installation and/or Permit Processing

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Mixing Rooms

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